Endocrine Late Effects

Digestive Late Effects after Childhood Cancer Treatment

Kidney Late Effects

Liver Late Effects

Dental Problems in Childhood Cancer Survivors

Lung and Breathing Problems

Childhood Cancer Survivor Canada

Second Cancers

Emotional Well-Being

Cognitive Late Effects

Bladder Late Effects

Bone Loss and Osteoporosis in Childhood Cancer Survivors

Ma résilience

Colorectal Cancer after Childhood Cancer Treatment


  • Auteur : Molin, Michèle et Bernard
  • Format : DVD (Français)
  • Editeur/Producteur : Locomotive et Advita Productions
  • Année : 2016
  • Provenance : France
  • Sujet : Survie à long terme , Témoignages


Inspiring Stories

Long-Term and Late Effects

Survivor stories

Building Relationships with Health Care Providers

Staying Alert to Late Effects

Filling the Gaps of Survivorship – Life After Cancer & Beyond

Adulting with cancer

Cardiac (Heart) Late Effects

Can I Still Have Children?